The Mars Volta & John Frusciante – Rare footage! – Toronto 2006

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The singer of TMV was sick when they were opening up for the Chili Peppers at a show in Toronto in 2006, so John Frusciante came out and jammed with TMV for a rare 45 minute set. *To see John ripping it up, go to about 2:00* I compiled all the footage that I had [...]

John Frusciante The Empyrean New Album Dark Light 2009

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AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING John Frusciante New Album: The Empyrean on Record Collection 1.20.2009 My Uncle knows a member of Record Collection, thats why I get it. PLEASE BUY THE CD/LP!!! Just Audio with some pics. The Empyrean is my new record and will be released worldwide via Record Collection on January 20th 2009. It was [...]

John Frusciante Flea Omar Rodriguez Oct Jam

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john and flea jaming with omar rodriguez

kurt cobain and john frusciante studio jam live

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us in funkt up condition, improvisation. i dont what genre this is.tell me if you know,. and i just tryed to get people hear new music by title.iam sorry.hope u liked the music.

Michael Rother, John Frusciante & Josh Klinghoffer – Gitarrero

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A song by Michael Rother accompanied by John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer. Thanks to ModulationCracks for the info. English translation, thanks to DerMack77 Speaker: LA Sunset Strip. Hundred of fans on their way to an unique event. John FrusKiante , guitarist of the RHCP and Michael Rother, co-founder of the band “Kraftwerk” together on a [...]

Before the Beginning Cover John Frusciante Jam

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This is me playing one of my favorite songs off johns new album,guitar is a rickenbacker. the loop im using is a zvex lo fi loop junky its on top of my fender twin reverb. by the way i used my mac book to record this so it looks reversed but i am in fact [...]

John Frusciante Guitar Lesson FIG. 7 COVER – TABS HD !

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Hi there ! This is me doing John’s funky riffing from his guitar lesson ! It is not even close to John’s but its still fun. I saw this lesson about 2 years ago and I tried to find tabs but I couldn’t.. Now I was able to do it by ear so I decided [...]

Jam#5: Heart & Soul (John Frusciante – Inspired)

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This “song” or improv’ is an original composition made by myself in late april. It was heavily inspired by John Frusiante’s solo work (the first 2 albums to be precise). Jam#5 features 3 guitars: – one who plays the main riff – a second one who plays some variations on that riff – the third [...]

Red Hot Chili Peppers – By the Way & Scar Tissue – Live at Slane Castle

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COPYRIGHT STATEMENT This video is property of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Warner Bros. Records. This video is not being used to make money in any way and is for entertainment and leisure purposes only. This is an act of fair usage as described by the US Copyright Office, therefore, a dispute should not occur [...]

Guitar Backing Track: John Frusciante – Look On (solo)

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This is a guitar backing track loop i recorded based upon the solo section of John Frusciante’s stunning “Look On” from the amazing album “Inside of Emptiness”.